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Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser age spot removal work?
A. Q-switch Yag lasers utilize light-based wavelengths that are specifically attracted to the melanin which is the cause of the pigmentation. The light will pass through the outer skin layers targeting only the . Energy from the laser is rapidly absorbed by the ink causing the pigment to fracture into microscopic particles, allowing your body to absorb and break it down naturally.

Does it hurt?
A. Pain is minimal. Generally, patients find removing the age spots with laser treatment very tolerable.

How long is a treatment session?
A. Depending on the area being treated, the session is approximately 20 minutes.

How many treatments are required?
A. One or two laser age spot removal treatment is all that is necessary, in most cases.

Will the age spot return?
A. Age spots and other pigmented lesions that are removed will not return. New age spots in other areas may arise as the aging process continues.